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Rudolph running Cottontails

Now, you don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to realise I have a fondness for rabbits.

Just look at the business name for one thing!

I have always loved rabbits, and as an adult have had house rabbits for years. And of course there is Rudolph the shop rabbit - my lovely long-eared companion who hangs out under the desk (I call him my floor manager!) and helps with marketing.

My aim is for Cottontails to offer the finest online selection of toy rabbits in the world, and I am always looking to introduce lovely new bunnies to the range. But I am fussy. All my rabbits have to be charming, quirky and tip top quality. Happily the three main brands I stock - Moulin Roty, Maileg and Trousselier - all create a fantastic range of bunnies, so I'm off to a good start.

The Travelling Rabbit arrives
at a new location...

And in 2012 I introduced the Cottontails Travelling Rabbit to the world. He is a little fabric rabbit who travels around staying with anyone who would like to host him for a while - in return for a visit I simply ask that you bear the cost of posting him on to his next location, and if possible take a photo or two for me to share on our social media pages. You can read all about his adventures so far on his own section of the blog, where there are also details about how to get involved, if you would like him to come and stay with you.

Finally a word about real rabbits. Rudolph is my constant companion - he comes to work with me, and hangs out with me at home, sleeping on the bed a lot of the time (yes it is perfectly possible, even easy, to litter train a rabbit and they make wonderful, wonderful house pets). It is only because of my home / work situation, and because I spend so much time with Rudolph and we are so closely bonded, that he is an 'only rabbit'. In most cases it is far better to get a pair so they have one another for company.

Rudolph is a rescue rabbit. He was abandoned when he was about two years old. Luckily he made it to a decent rescue centre - and because it was December, he was christened Rudolph. Around the same time I lost my last rabbit Humphrey.

Humphrey, a big part of Cottontails Baby 2003 - 2009
It was heart breaking, as it always it, to lose a beloved pet. A few weeks later, I was ready to think about a offering a new home to a rabbit, and I found Rudolph through a fantastic rabbit rescue website. Even though he was miles away (Essex! I'm in Herefordshire!) I felt drawn to him, and arranged to go and meet him / collect him a few days later, after the necessary home checks had been carried out. I drove for 10 hours that day, but it was a happy drive.

Anyway, my point in sharing all this: if you are ever thinking of getting a bunny, as a pet for yourself or for your children - and perhaps you will be inspired by Rudolph and the happy times I have with him! - please do two things. Firstly, think very very carefully about it and so your research. Rabbits can live for 10 years or more, should usually be kept in pairs, cost thousands over their lifetime in food, vaccinations and equipment - they are not an easy option, and should never be kept alone in a hutch. And secondly, have a look at the wonderful website I used to find Rudolph - and all my other rabbits in the past. Rabbit Rehome is run by my friend and web designer Tamsin Stone and is a super source of information, as well as a database of rabbits waiting for homes throughout the UK.

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